Run Free Farm owners, Hal and Bev, place their emphasis on the well-being of each horse under their care, which, in turn, provides each owner with a happy, sound equine partner. They purposely designed the size of the barn to allow them to provide the highest quality of individualized horse care available. Indeed, the most important criteria for boarding at RFF is that you love and care for your horse; Hal and Bev, in turn, will do the same.

The Barn and Stalls
The barn is constructed like a house on a concrete foundation.   The barn is fully insulated and is warm in the winter, even when it may be below zero outside. During the summer months, thebarn is cool because there is excellent air circulation and cross ventilation. In addition, the barn has cathedral ceilings with fans in the attic, which also helps to keep the barn comfortable and well-ventilated.

There are  twenty stalls, each 12' x 12', with rubber mats and straw bedding, which studies have shown horses prefer over shavings. Every stall is cleaned on a daily basis, 7 days a week. Most of the stalls have a skylight, allowing ample sunlight to enter the barn, which acts to keep the barn bright and airy, as well as germ-free. Each stall has a yoked screen with dutch doors to the outside of the barn. Additionally, each stall has a yoke facing the center aisle; this allows the horses to put their heads out, both inside and outside the barn. There is a fan in front of each stall during the summer months to keep the horses comfortable. The temperature of each horse's drinking water can be controlled, providing warm water during the winter months, which encourages the horses to drink. 

There are three grooming stalls and  three  wash stalls with hot and cold water, equipped with heat lamps and farrier lights (to assist in shoeing). 

Turnout is a priority at Run FreeFarm. Since the horse is a grazing animal, all horses are turned out in good-sized grassy paddocks daily (one horse per paddock), and can stay out 4 to 8 hours or more. Horses preferring longer turnout can stay out all night in good weather. Every paddock has shade trees, and is equipped with an automatic watering system to provide a constant supply of water to the horses.  Year round the the paddocks are stocked with fresh hay.

Paddocks are cleaned on a daily basis. Every spring, the paddocks are reseeded with a special seed mixture specifically designed for horses.

During inclement weather, when the footing may be unsafe outdoors, all horses are exercised in the indoor ring.

Feeding Program
The feeding program is based on the individual needs of each horse. If appropriate, supplements can be customized to meet each horses' nutritional regimen.  They are fed the best quality of hay available, which is provided all day, as needed. Hay is contracted for a year in advance, to ensure the best quality and consistency.

On-site supervision, including night check, is provided by the owners and staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.